Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Commute Challenge!

Rick Martz is throwing down a challenge to all you cyclists out there;

So in doing my part for Earth's health, I decided one Thursday (the boss gave us a half-day) to commute home on the ole mtn bike ... and I mean old, a good old circa 80's USA steel bike, Fat Chance, built in Mass (all 30 lbs of her). ... well, enjoy the view (the Cachuma shot is now my desktop for this week!), it was 4 hrs and 20 minutes with a nice stop at the somethin' somethin' market on HWY 246 ... I was WAY happy to see Refugio Canyon Road backside after some supper-duper SWEET downhill from Broadcast Peak, seriously! Go ride it!

I hope y'all will do a commute this month, no matter how far! I am!


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Anonymous said...

May 12 to 16 is BIKE TO WORK WEEK. Since most American car travel is less than 2 miles, I encourage everyone to leave the car in the driveway and pedal your bike to work, to the store or to dinner. Love the earth, love yourself.