Friday, May 23, 2008

Can You Name This Dynamic Duo?

I think FRS is kicking off a new marketing campaign and brought back the infamous Bartles & Jaymes. I could be wrong, so please chime in with your guess as to who this dyamic duo is! Happy Memorial Day!


BillyC said...

hmmmm...Zigfried and Roy???

Anonymous said...

I'm not that up to date on celebrity gossip but I'm pretty sure that's Britney Spears on the left and Kevin Federline on the right. I used to like Britney, but now she's just so trashy...I really think K-Fed could do better. He deserves a classy Gabe Garcia.


Anonymous said...

Does K-Fed have money?


Anonymous said...

Ernest & Julio Gallo? The Brand New FRS Heavies? Antioxidant Bouncers? The Gritty Abbot?

I guess he can wear whatever he wants after his race at Heck-Tone, but perhaps we should pass the hat and buy Don Keeballs a new hat better to suit him. Perhaps the Montera??

But he couldn't wear it unless he wore the Suit of Lights (in pink?):


Rob said...

Hey, Cutler has dibbs on the hat. and at least we are smiling. Signed, Chode.