Monday, May 19, 2008

Kids Race!

Jed, thanks for keeping us posted on the future of the sport.

Well, Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers along with Shimano, hosted the Kid’s Race up at Firestone, or whatever Mike Hecker is calling it now.

The race got off to a speedy start with the 2 and under age group, one kid being pushed in a stroller by dear old dad. The heat got to all after the first lap, so we called it a race, and all got 1st place. Next came up the 4 through 6 year olds, and being led by some women pros, went the 2 lap distance. There was a nasty crash in the first turn, but all got up smiling and pushed on. There were 6 kids in this group, and judging by the looks and tears, they all had a tough race, but all came out on top with first places. Lining up next were the 7 to 10 year olds, and by then, the pros were getting tired. Boy were they sorry they volunteered for this gig. These kids came tearing out of the gate with determination in their faces. We sent them off for 3 laps, but the two first places, tied to the finish didn’t stop. They kept going, round and round, neither one giving up ground to the other. The race officials finally had to pull them off the track, both taking first place in the process. All the kid’s took home a shirt, a water bottle and a 1st place medal. We all missed Sam Schaffer’s kid’s, I think last year they took first place.

In other news, MIKE ABBOTT needs to write report. It’ll be a long one, as he Raced the downhill on Saturday taking first, then raced the Dual Slalom, taking I think 4th. Toady he raced the crosscountry, taking 4th, and as I was leaving, (I was beat hosting the kid’s race), he was lining up for the Super D.

Jed Hirsch

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