Monday, May 19, 2008

Kern Final Day! (yes, its finally over)

Thanks Kim for the great reporting! It was a well run race with stunning scenery throughout Kern County (farms, rivers, dude ranches, one room schoolhouses and my personal favorite was the start and finish at the old cemetery).

Kim and I had a great weekend of racing (as reported) and the end of the last race is where I'll to fill you in. Our break of 7 in the 2nd lap continued for a bit until the first big hill. Kim and I had hatched our plan for the final climb to keep my ranking high and perhaps give the girl in 1st a good run, but the heat and hill climb were a bit much. Now down to five, we worked together to lengthen our lead. On the first downhill however, my bike began to vibrate with a high pitch whine so I had to pull over and check it over. All seemed secure so I rode away into a fast chase to get back on. Our follow vehicle let the girls know I had a mechanical and they spun easy to let me catch back on. We worked together again, but I would sit on the back on any descents in case of more issues. The lead girl was paying attention and really hammered it on the last long (and fastest) descent. My bike was whining so loud I made the other riders nervous so it was impossible to catch her on the downhill into the straightaway. She rode off into the sunset (I mean up the final climb) and I was happy with 3rd for the stage knowing that the girl who took 2nd really worked hard and had no time on me.

We washed down with the cattle hose, drank another 80 gallons of water and enjoyed the awards ceremony. Glad to be home...time to get some well-deserved rest.


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