Thursday, November 13, 2008

Last Weekend's Back Country Highlights


We had great ride on Sunday with good attendance and epic weather. If you were laying on the couch Sunday morning you missed out!

Even David Larsen and Dano showed-up on fat tire bikes...I have pictures to prove it! The ride up Romero was beautiful and uneventful. But when we got to the top the temperature dropped about 20 degrees and the wind picked up about 20mph. Lots of people started wheeling and dealing to buy or borrow extra bits of clothing for the ride down to Jameson. Strangely, nobody wanted to borrow Rod's sassy blue pajama pants no matter how cold it got.

We had 12 riders make it all the way to the Reservoir where we took a nice group shot and soaked in the views for a few minutes before turning around and heading back out. Everyone made it to the lake except for Rod and Phillip. They opted instead for some "alone" time in the bushes before joining us for the climb out. They claimed that Philip got a flat tire but we all know that neither one of them knows how to change a tube... plus we never did find Rod's sassy blue pajama pants?

Those of us at the back of the group got back to the cars reasonably exhausted and starving at 10:50am, which put us just under the projected 4 hour ride time. So I would call the ride an undeniable success and I can't wait to see what Rod's gonna wear next Sunday!

See you soon,


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