Thursday, November 13, 2008

Training Report From South Dakota

It is truly against my better judgement to post these training reports from our own beloved Horse Whisperer, but I don't believe in censorship either. So for you faint at heart you have been warned.


Sorry to have missed the backcountry ride, but, I was doing some cross-training in South Dakota, with gun in hand this time. Results of the training attached. and will be served at the house opening.




Today's training results, 2 birds in hand. Had 5 good helpers, age 9 down to Pearl who is almost 5. Theo and Joseph drove the pickup (in the field) and I did the walking (that's the training part) to the shooting spot. Similar to a Sunday ride plan, it went flawless. Bird flushes and gets dropped right in front of the pickup in view of the kids.

It will be freezing rain by morning, cold the rest of the week. Enjoy your SB weather.


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