Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Those Chickens Are One Class Act!

The Chicken Ranch squad or as I like to refer to them "The B Team" got together and had their version of an awards banquet. I'm not sure that even one serious award was given out. This probably should have been referred to as the B Team Roast with your host Matt "Mr. 2nd Place" Benko!

I can tell you this, everyone that was there had a terrfic time and enjoyed seeing one another in real clothes. Heck, Old Man Steve is a pretty snappy dresser! It was fun to have all our families there and the kids were able to hang out and get to know one another better as the parents took in the festivites.

A few of the highlights were
Best Couple, Ken & Dan (that was a close race, NOT)
Rookie of the year, Brett got that one. (I hope your 2nd season has less road rash)
The Lewis and Clark Award went to Rod and Philip (my advice is not to catch a ride to a race with either of them)
Best Crash went to Kimberly, maybe that was Best Crashes?

I'm sure I missed quite a few so chime in with your comments as to what your favorites were.

We had some old rivalries renewed and the best men won. (Rob & Brad B)
We had a new nickname hung on an unsuspecting yet willing teenager. Congratulations Charlie "Wingerman" Zimmerman. (say that 10 times fast)
There was also a raffle for a bike that I know The Horse Whisperer knew he would win.

Enjoy the photos that Matt had his camerawoman Denise supply me and if you have any others you would like to have added to the slide show just email them my way.

Last but not least Trixie was nice enough to give us a very well received update on the Harbaugh kids. They are doing great, and that is terrific news for all of us.

Matt, Blinger, and all the sponsors thanks for a terrific year and I know that everyone that showed up for the free food and beverages enjoyed themselves a ton. ENJOY THE RIDE!


Anonymous said...

My favorite moment was definitely the VO2 MAX competition between Blinger and Ramirez. It looked like Blinger had it locked up and then the Spaniard unleashed the blow dart from hell....I almost wet my pants. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Greg, thanks for making the effort to keep us in the loop through the blog. Great blog.

It was a fun night. Good eats, and it was great to meet all the cyclicts wives, kids and friends.